conflict management


Conflicts are the result of having different points of views while they are natural parts of a work life. It feels bad to have conflicts, but we can help you to turn them into opportunities to improve your organization successfully. In a practical way we teach co-workers how to stop the escalation, see beyond right and wrong and communicate for cooperation.

intercultural communication


Intercultural communication and competence are the art of working efficiently in the diverse society and the global world and having respect across other cultures. Lack of intercultural competence in daily interactions will lead to miscommunication and costly cultural clashes. We train you how to use different cultural perspectives as assets for your organization.

typically swedish


New in Sweden? Arrived in Sweden for business or as an expat? Are you in love with a Swede? Doesn’t matter, working with our experts is a fast track for Swedish management style and understand Swedish social norms and culture. We facilitate cultural meetings between Swedes and international co-workers through our expertise.



Integration and inclusion are about feeling safe, just and stable in your new social life including the work life. Through different courses, open workshops and working with NGO’s we help you through the integration process. We provide you necessary tools and techniques to avoid exclusion and benefit the most from inclusion.



Diversity is all about the matters of differences and similarities. Creating a diverse organization but failing to manage it effectively will lead to conflict and malfunction. We train you how to harness the individuals’ differences to create a productive environment. So, everybody feels understood, valued, respected and included while they use their full potentials, skills and talents.




Everything starts with Hi!

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Based on your needs we design a customized training program for you based on our knowledge and expertise. We talk with you through phone or an in person meeting. We map needs and get all necessary information to give you a detailed proposal for a lecture, workshop or consultation.




Now it’s time to perform the program together. We build and present the scenarios, exercises and models based on your needs. We share our knowledge and experience with you, so you will learn, practice and apply them in real life. Only through mutual collaboration, we together can improve your business successes.




Our program is followed up by a tailored educational material. The material is an informative, simple and useful conclusion of the content and the strategies produced in the work with you. Later on, we will give you feedback based on our reflections on the individual and group work we performed together. We can also help you with giving direction for further improvement in organizational processes.



Maximum Usefulness

There is no quick fix when cultures clash or conflicts occur. Since every human, organization and culture is unique, our training plans are also unique for each of our customers. To deliver you the best service, we present you different scenarios, exercises and formulate effective questions based on your specific needs. In this way, through an effective engagement we bring maximum usefulness to your organization and working teams.

Workshop or Lecture

To be inspired and get useful skills for your daily work, we offer inspiring lectures and introduce new knowledge areas. For you who need to learn more and be practically developed, we offer workshops for small groups. In these workshops, we go beyond basics and we focus on how to use knowledge and skills to create strategies to improve the workplace. We accompany you during the whole transition process through effective coaching and individual training.

Get Results With Interactive Methods

The best results are achieved by combining new knowledge and skills. Through our specialized interactive methods, our participants learn how to understand each other better. Improvement and change do not happen by having only new knowledge; rather you need to apply it in real life. Through our interactive methods you improve team building skills and increase creativity in the workplace, and you enhance your communication skills in a setting where mistakes are harmless.